4 Key Elements Of A Leak Management Program

If you have a gas line on your company property, you are in charge of having a fugitive emissions management plan in place. Any fugitive emission plan should follow a plan-do-check and act methodology. This methodology has been proven to be successful with the fugitive emission management system.

#1 Prevention Plan

The first thing you need to do is to plan for a leak. Planning for a leak means that you are always looking out for leaks and trying to detect them. You should have a defined written plan in place for checking your gas lines on a regular basis. You need to have defined objectives and tasks for keeping an eye out for leaks. You need a prevention plan that allows you to keep an eye on things, and it needs to have step-by-step instructions to go with it that will allow all employees to follow and implement the prevention plan.

#2 Assign Tasks

You need to make sure that all of the activities in your plan are being carried out on a regular basis. You need to assign the monitoring and prevention activities in your plan to specific individuals and give those individuals specific dates to complete the actives. Make sure that reporting for completing the actives is clearly defined as well. It is not enough to have a plan; you need to have a way of implementing that plan as well.

#3 Re-Check Plan

A leak management plan is not something that your company should create and only look at once. It should be a living plan, that is reviewed at least twice a year. You should have a set process in place to review your leak management plan and ensure that everyone is performing checks and reporting these checks to the right individuals. You should look at these checks and figure out if there are ways to improve your plan.

#4 Fix Issues

Whenever you find a leak, you need to go into repair mode and fix the leak. Whenever you find a flaw in your plan, start creating a new plan right away. You need to make sure that you are always improving your plan and ensuring that you are meeting all of your company and government standards for leak risk management.

A leak risk management plan is not a passive plan. It is an active, living plan that your company should be implementing and putting into place every day. It should help guide your leak checks and prevention strategies. Contact a company like SolutionCorp for more information and assistance. 

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